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Please don’t tell me I was the only one who forgot they were reading Skulduggery Pleasant in the ‘Get Thee Behind Me, Bubba Moon’ story 

yes but China Sorrows

Part 1 - Beginnings


I am so sorry If you’re reading this. They’re probably watching you now, just liked they watched me. You’ve already started so don’t stop now, it’ll only make it worse.

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i have so many ideas but i can’t write a story for shit bleh

People can have the same taken name right?

You probably thought I was dead, huh?


The funny thing is, I’m not. I’m Carol Edgely and there is no way in the world that a reflection could kill me.


#no one wants benedict cumberbatch to play skulduggery pleasant 2k14


sp au where taken names follow wreck-it-ralph sugar rush naming/theme scheme



"Adventure, Stephanie!" 

If anyone thinks my denial of Carol’s death is bad you should see me when I talk about Mitsuko from Battle Royale