I'm Colin and this is where I whine about a skeleton and his friends
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I don’t know what they’re saying… but I was doodling and Ghastly’s face! 

So let’s play “Caption This” Come on, everyone, fill in the blanks???

'Let me tell you about the Skeleton War”


Also I asked about Carol Edgely’s death

and Derek said he did it because after the reflection became sentient and stuff she essentially wanted to become a real person so Derek made her kill Carol as more of a baptism of blood thing where she stopped being the reflection and became Stephanie and because she took the life of an Edgley she essentially became (or replaced?) an Edgely if that makes sense

Okie dokie I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who went to the Brisbane Dymocks instead of the Carindale Library the other day for the signing


Got to meet Derek today at the signing and he signed two of my books; The Dying of the Light and Kingdom of the Wicked. It was great!

And I know I met at least one of you tumblr peeps, I just can’t remember your url unfortunately. XD

Btw the Brisbane Derek Landy signing was booked out and I didn’t think I needed tickets because it didn’t really say to get them on his blog so I went to the place and it was booked out so I snuck in lmao

Awesome day! 💀🙌

Ok great time today

first of all I went to the wrong Dymocks then found out that it wasnt being hosted in a Dymocks lmao then drove over to the Carindale shopping center where the library is and found out that it was a ticketed event which was booked out but all is well because I got in and got my stuff signed and asked Derek a few questions 

Ok what I will be wearing for the signing is under the cut

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escarlatafox  Do you know which library hes going to and when tomorrow? And is he doing the signing in the double storey Dymocks in the city?