I'm Colin and this is where I whine about a skeleton and his friends
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Skeleton GQ spread


A sketch I gave to Derek at the signing today to commemorate the end of the series ;u;

galacticmisfit asked: is the sp fandom-moniker 'skuttlebug'? because that sounds quite cool

I believe that Skuttlebug and minion are the two central names to members of the Skulduggery Pleasant fandom but I almost always use Skuttlebug because it does sound pretty cool


china sorrows warmup sketch (it’s transparent!)


Put up some posters I got from work!

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions that the person tagged you asked and write 11 new ones

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 - cassidyc98

Questions -

1. What kind of bands are you into? Or artists in general?
I have a horrible taste in music but I love artists and bands like Die Antwoord, Regina Spektor, Nicki Minaj, Florence and the Machine, Kanye West and people like that lmao.

2. How many children would you have and what would you name them?
I don’t like children and I don’t want them but if I had to name one I would call it Artemis regardless of its gender.

3. Are you okay? 

4. Do you watch anime? Why/why not?
Yes I’m weaboo trash and idk why I watch it I just enjoy it

5. Is it just me that doesn’t understand tumblr? 
Tumblr is weird 

6. Where do you want to travel to most in the world? 
Antarctica (lame but childhood dream I guess)

7. Are there any Fandoms that you think go too far of maybe have too much control?

Not really, the biggest one on Tumblr would probably be superwholock but like they think they have power when really no one cares 

8. Do you have any favourite geekish apps not including tumblr? 

Idk atm I’m playing a bit of Sonic Rush, Little Evo world and Tiny Tower if that counts.

9. What do you think of Tim Burton’s movies and their styles?

More movies please

10. If you had to leave all but one of your Fandoms, which would you choose to stay in and why? 

Fandoms are weird
11. Have you ever met any of your online friends in real life?

Friends? haha

I dont have anyone to tag lmao

Urgghghgh we only had 1 copy of TDOTL in my store so I put it aside for me out the back but this like 12 year old really wanted a copy like really bad so I let him buy the one I had put aside and now I’m gonna have to wait until we get more in

Anonymous asked: Hey just wondering, how did you get your Skulduggery pleasant poster/ decal thing? I'm a bit jealous :)

Hey, I have several Skulduggery posters and one (soon to be two) skulduggery cardboard displays and I got them all from work! I work at a bookstore and when they order in usually a box of one book (so like a 24 copy dumpbin which I always get them to get in for Skulduggery) the supplier usually sends it out with a few display items, such as the posters and cardboard cut out things, so instead of throwing them out I get to keep them (because like why would I let them get thrown away haha). So really if you want one I would recommend going to smaller type bookstores and seeing if they have any of these Skulduggery things on display and kindly asking them if you could keep it once they are done with it, and if you’re lucky enough they will most likely let you!


I’m ashamed of how long it actually took me to realize that Rapture is practically the female equivalent of Deadpool. Of course, at first they’d try to kill each other, and when that doesn’t turn out….chimichangas *sudden onslaught of images depicting Steve yelling “FONDUE” in my head*

Skulduggery is gettin’ real tired of yo’ shit, Rapture. And what’s this; now there are TWO of them? Oh god.