I'm Colin and this is where I whine about a skeleton and his friends
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If China dies in DOTL she better go out with a bang or I will rant about it 100x more than how I am with Carol


if china dies then rest in peace my sanity 


new aceo/kakao


Still confused.


only 4 more days … gosh I can’t believe it

anyway, I found this old thing here and thought it would be nice to share it with you


I still hate that reflection.


Just dawdling on the painting and having some fun.

Edit: Added the HD frames of the gif

Let’s get to know each other and shit!


Okay so the final book is coming up, and I know many people in this fandom don’t have anybody to complain to about it being over in real life. So I thought this would be a good chance to get to know each other a bit and make friends and stuff!

  • I thought I’d be cool if everyone made a small post introducing themselves, maybe post a selfie, how you started reading SP, what it means to you etc etc. Whatever you want to say!
  • We will use the tag #gettoknowthespfandom
  • Track the gettoknowthespfandom tag
  • Feel free to tag people you know in these posts too! (Feel free to tag me!)
  • Everybody can just contact anybody!
  • I would be awesome if you reblogged this post to spread the word (and I will roughly know how many people will participate)
  • I’d be cool if you could just tag it with that tag and not use the “Skulduggery Pleasant” tag, so we don’t annoy anyone :)

This is just a fun thing to do before the dying of the light comes out to pass the time and make friends. Yay interaction! Don’t be shy to talk to people!

  • Me: *reads armageddon outta here*
  • Me: ok but where's china's story?


Front and Back Cover Art for TDOTL. Everyone’s gonna die, ain’t they?