I'm Colin and this is where I whine about a skeleton and his friends
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It’s not a real complete colorisation, just a test for the glowing stuff on his arm and face ^^ !

The perfect couple



When a deluxe hit man takes one of the good girls for girl friend.

This is what happends between Mr Billy Ray Sanguine and Miss Tanith Low, both from Skulduggery Pleasant books by Dereck Landy !

Go and read it ! It’s really amazing and crazy !


Here a lot of drawings in the same time :D

The characters are all from Skulduggery Pleasant books ! By the huge and Awesome Derek Landy !

so left to right and top to down :

- Solomon Wreath

-Mr Bliss


-Ghastly Bespoke

-Valkyrie Cain

-Billy Ray Sanguine


Just Doctor Nye from Skulduggery pleasant again :D

I really like the character and the chapter when he meet Val for the firt time. ^^




Ok ive basically dibs the skulduggery display so once we’ve finished using it at work i get to keep it


Perks of being the only Skuttlebug at a bookstore

Anonymous asked: Hi. Do you happen to work in the Belconnen mall Dymocks?

Ah no I work at an Angus and Robertson a bit outside Brisbane!

Ok ive basically dibs the skulduggery display so once we’ve finished using it at work i get to keep it

Remember to always let your inner Skulduggery shine! 

Ok I’m a bit late but hi, I’m Colin! I am 17 and from Australia and couldn’t find a selfie to post. I first got into Skulduggery Pleasant I don;t know how many years ago (bought the first two on eBay for like $10 yay) and I am the self proclaimed biggest China Sorrows fanboy. I’ve probably introduced at least 3 of my friends into the series (its so hard to convince people to read it lmao) and so far they all think its great. My hobbies include reading, playing games and being a nerd. My taken name is Tenacious Grim and if I could choose a discipline of magic it would be Symbology. Thanks to Skulduggery Pleasant I’m inherently sarcastic (thanks again Derek) and I’m still waiting to get my hands on a copy of TDOTL. 

Anything else you want to know about me feel free to ask and I would like to thank you all for being a part of the Skulduggery experience with me!